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(Possible Supernova) PSN-27.7436861,23.0043519
(Possible Supernova) PSN-27.7436861,23.0043519

(Possible Supernova) PSN is a series of tactile sculptures, named for the coordinates of the planet’s natural iron deposits. These iron deposits, thought to have originated from stellar explosions and now sites of human intervention, can be identified by their visual transition from the organic to the geometric, and the nature of this transition is reflected in these abstract sculptural landscapes.

The artworks in the PSN series uses elemental materials and natural phenomena in their creation, including iron and magnetism. Works are comprised of sculptural clusters protruding from minimalist colour fields, often containing grid formations. Each cluster is formed by hand, using magnetics to set iron and synthetic polymers into permanent, solid forms.

Transfixing in their modulation between the natural and the technological, the works are meditative pieces that invite contemplation of our connection with larger unseen forces and complex ecologies.