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(Possible Supernova) PSN-27.7436861,23.0043519
(Possible Supernova) PSN-27.7436861,23.0043519

(Possible Supernova) PSN is an ongoing series of tactile sculptures named for the coordinates of the planet's largest mineral iron deposits. These mineral deposits are thought to have originated from exploding stars, their materials guided down to earth by gravitational forces.

Each artwork in the PSN series is created using elemental materials and natural phenomena including iron and magnetism, incorporated into cast-rock sculptures, or set against minimal, atmospheric colour fields. Each sculptural cluster in the artworks is formed by hand, using magnetism to set iron and synthetic polymers into permanent, solid forms.

This series of meditative artworks aim to transfix the audience through their tactility and delicate detail. They modulate between the natural and technological and contrast the clinical coldness of tech with the sensuous quality of organic life.

Held in a private collection.